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Our story

Recently I was on trip to Los Angeles and once I arrived I was beyond tired from traveling and being up late the night before finishing last minute work.  Unfortunately, I had to keep going to keep up with the busy schedule. Then, I discovered an oxygen bar.  As a skeptic I wasn't sure whether or not to believe the claims written on the wall. After a 20-minute session at the oxygen bar I felt rejuvenated and energized.  Aqua massage machines were also available so I thought, why not. It was 20 more minutes well spend.  The machine had a self-adjusting remote that allowed me to personalize the speed and tension to catered to my aches and pains. 


This was my moment of Eureka when I realized Hot Springs should not miss out on this.  As the owner of Thai-Me Spa I already share the benefits of massage with everyone I meet.  Now I can brink the combination of short convenient aqua massage along with oxygen bar treatments.



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